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assalamuallaikum wr.wb 
My name is denddy. my country in Indonesia, rather than the city of Bandung.
I manage this blog standing at the beginning of 2012. actually I've been managing the technology of science-themed blog at indonesia.dan this time I will review of the procedures to modify the blog / web. and of course it would be related to computer programming.

perhaps many of the world's internet blog / website that has been discussed procedures for modification blog. but most people just give the widget directly, without giving details.
Thus I will give you knowledge of the introduction to the professional stage.
of which related to:

expect it and so on with the establishment of this blog, I always ask for criticism and suggestions in the morning the visitors or blog readers.
I hope the content that I provide can be beneficial to the advancement of technology. world of technology, especially Indonesia.

thank you for your attention.
wassalammualaikum wr.wb